Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Is Cast

Walker210The role of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has been cast ending the huge amount of speculation in the role. There was a massive longlist of possible actors for the part last week, which included Adrien Brody, Timothy Olyphant and Josh Lucas but they’ve all been thrown back into the night in favour of relative unknown Benjamin Walker.

I guess the producers feel that they need some new blood for this one. You might remember him from Eastwood war flick Flags Of Our Fathers (yawn) and sexologist biopic Kinsey and he was first choice for Beast in X-Men: First Class before the scheduling conflicts with some stage work forced him to give it up to Nicholas Hoult.

But for now, he’s the man for Abe, who will be giving pesky Confederate vampire scum a good kicking in the American Civil War.

The project’s really rolling now. The script’s all done, penned by the hand of the original author Seth Grahame-Smith and Wanted/Nightwatch/Daywatch director Timur Bekmambetov is in the chair. All they need now is for someone to play Abe’s mentor/trainer so maybe we’ll get to see one of the others on that longlist fill that role. Expect it to hit our screens in June next year.