Adam Sandler Eyes Summer School

Adam Sandler. That name’s starting to send shivers down our collective spines here at OTB Towers. After winning our Menace Of The Year Award last year for pretty much everything he was involved with (Just Go With It, Zookeeper, Grown Ups) in 2011, he continued the trend with this year’s Jack & Jill (which we unfortunately didn’t get to see as there were no press screenings). Well, he picked up a whole armful of Razzies so we’re justified in saying it’s awful.

Anyway, he’s now considering remaking the 1987 Carl Reiner comedy Summer School in which a gym teacher (originally played by Mark Harmon) has his summer plans ruined because he has to teach English to a group of remedial high school stundents. News of a remake’s been floating around for quite some time but hasn’t really ever got off the starting blocks, something which Sandler production company Happy Madison is hoping to change.

Initially Smurfs producer Jordan Kenner wanted to re-invent the film, making Harmon’s laid back character in a tougher teacher who gets stuck with one problem student. Then Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman were going to have a crack but eventually passed. Now Paramount are hoping that they can finally get it made with Sandler. Not the most inpsiring of news, considering his recent form but it makes sound financial sense – as terrible as his films are, they still rake it in at the box office.