Adele Silva Back In Emmerdale

Actress Adele Silva has promised fans of the soap that they can expect bags full of drama and excitement with her comeback storyline, as she reprises her role as bitchy babe Kelly Windsor.

The big-chested actress will be back on our screens from the end of next week, when the villagers of Emmerdale become aware that Kelly and her ex-lover Jimmy King have been meeting up in secret. Needless to say Jimmy’s wife Nicola, who is renowned for her sharp tongue, will have something to say about such a betrayal.

Silva told Inside Soap: “This all happened off screen, so when we discover they’ve been seeing each other again, it’s not instantly clear whether they’re having an affair or not. There’ll be a few surprises and some exciting twists and turns in this story.”

It wouldn’t be soapland for long if there wasn’t a touch of violence, and not long after her return to the Dales Kelly bashes Jimmy over the head with a torch during an argument and knocks him out cold.

“She leaves him unconscious because she’s too scared to do anything else,” Silva continued. “But I don’t think Kelly will get far without feeling guilty. She’s missed Jimmy – he’s her one true love.

“He’s the only person who accepted all her flaws and took her for what she was, so I think she’s missed having him in her life. Hopefully she hasn’t really done him in as I’d love to see them get back together.”

Adele originally appeared on the show in 1993, and has done a string of reality television shows including Celebrity Come Dine With Me, Hell’s Kitchen and Total Wipeout.