Fiance Of Murdered Soldier Speaks

Aimee West

The fiancee of Lee Rigby – Aimee West – was on ITV’s This Morning today talking in her first TV interview since Lee was killed last May. Speaking to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, Aimee opened up about the man she loved, her reaction to the sentences given to Adebolajo and Adebowale yesterday and rebuilding her life.

On her anticipation of the sentences that Adebolajo and Adebowale would receive:
“We kind of suspected that there would be a whole life sentence given out because the judge delayed the sentencing for more legislation to be passed so we kind of had an idea but it wasn’t certain.”

On gaining closure from the sentencing yesterday, Aimee said:
“It’s definitely some sort of comfort to know that I’m never going to bump into them in the streets and that they’re never going to be out again but I’m never going to see Lee again, that’s never going to bring Lee back.”

Did she feel that they had been silenced by their sentences?: “They wanted martyrism [martyrdom], they wanted to be killed and if they weren’t killed, they wanted to be ransomed back to their own people but they haven’t got any of that. They’ve got life in prison which is what they didn’t want and I think that’s obviously angered them and upset them and that’s just the only way they know to retaliate.”

Did she feel any satisfaction in the way that Adebolajo and Adebowale reacted so angrily at their sentences?: “It’s the best outcome we could have got and to see that they weren’t happy about it – that it’s not what they wanted – it wouldn’t be torture for them to be killed which is what they wanted. I want them to suffer and that’s what’s going to happen now.”

On her feelings towards Adebolajo and Adebowale: “They are cowards, they compare themselves to British soldiers, they say they’re soldiers of Allah. They’re not soldiers, they can’t possibly compare themselves to Lee. They attacked an unarmed man, from behind using a car as a weapon, they are not soldiers.”

On their proposal and wedding: “He’d always send me parcels out [when I was deployed in Afghanistan] at least once a week and whenever a new wedding magazine would come out, he’d go and buy it and he’d read the whole thing first and he’d put post it notes all over it and circle things and write notes that he liked and then once I’d read it, we had to discuss it on the phone… He was set on picking this dress, that’s not how it works! I get to pick the dress!”

On the last time she had contact with Lee before he died and the moment she realised something was wrong: “It was probably about 20 minutes before he was killed. He said that he was on his way home… we had to time when I could ring him [because of their jobs]… he said to ring him in about 20 minutes, that he loved me and that he was on his way home… He was in London and I was in Afghanistan, if anything was going to happen to one of us, we always thought it would be me…. We arranged a time for me to ring him and I tried to ring him and he either picks up straight away or it goes to answer phone because he’s got no signal and his phone rung off and instantly, I knew something was wrong so I just kept trying his phone and he just didn’t answer.”

On the graphic images on the news: “They will stick in my memory forever.”

On Lee’s son growing up knowing what happened to his father: “He’s really young at the moment but at some point, someone’s going to have to explain to him what happened. Just as long as everyone keeps his memory alive and focuses on Lee’s life and the good things about Lee rather than what happened to him.”