Al Pacino Joins Gotti: Three Generations

Ap210Hoo Ha! Al Pacino is the latest star to join the forthcoming mobster biopic Gotti: Three Generations and shock of shocks, he’s playing a gangster.

He’ll play Aniello John “Mr. Neil” Dellacroce who acted as a friend and mentor to John Gotti Sr. (John Travolta)

It’s exciting news for a film which has gone through several changes recently with original director Nick Cassavettes leaving to be replaced by Barry Levinson and James Toback has been brought aboard to polish up Leo Rossi’s original script.

Lindsay Lohan will also star in the movie as John Gotti Jr.’s wife (after originally being rumoured for his daughter, then denied in a statement, only to be hired back for a different role in the same afternoon).

Travolta’s real family will also have a significant role in the picture with wife Kelly Preston and daughter Ella Bleu landing roles as the wife and daughter of Gotti Sr. Elsewhere, Joe Pesci will crop up as close family associate Angelo Ruggiero. Has anyone got any room for Ray Liotta and Robert De Niro?

In the mean time, any excuse to post Rob Brydon’s brilliant impression of Pacino reading The Gruffalo.