Alan Carr Beats Graham Norton To Bag Madonna

He has had many a mega-star appear on his successful BBC one chat show but when asked who his ultimate would be, Graham Norton has often cited Madonna, describing her as the ‘holy grail’ of guests. He has previously spoken of it is a rather selfish endeavour: “Essentially it’s because I’d like to meet her, it’s as simple as that. I’ve never met her and I’d like to.â€?

The material girl is in demand of course; Alan Carr has in recent times also named the singer as a star he’d love to have on his Chatty Man sofa. It is Graham that has won the battle of the funny men however, with the confirmation of the news that Madonna will appear on his show in January to discuss her directorial film debut W.E.

Madonna does not often devote her time to giving interviews, and on the back of recent criticism regarding her ungracious response to a fan’s gift of hydrangeas – retorting that she ‘loathed’ them – it’ll be interesting to see how she is received.