Alan Carr Turned Down ‘Up Up And A Gay’ & ’10 Gay Celebrities On A Farm’

Comedian Alan Carr has revealed that he was ‘stunned’ to be approached on several occasions about hosting a gay reality show.

The Chatty Man star was apparently asked to take part in a cringe-worthy show entitled Up, Up and a Gay, which would have involved him jet-setting around the world chatting to gay pilots. Obviously concerned about the state of his career and reputation if he’d done the programme, Carr politely refused.

And it appears it wasn’t the first time that TV Execs have approached the 34 year old comic, with Carr also refusing to go on another camp reality show called Ten Gay Celebrities on a Farm last year.

“They just wanted me to be milking a cow squealing, ‘Aargh!’. Really, come on. I have awards for my stand-up comedy. I don’t want people to forget that,” the TV personality told The Sun. He obviously feels that milking a cow is beneath him. We can only guess at what other antics were planned for the show, but let’s hope Abi Titmus, who famously ‘fiddled’ with a pig, was nowhere near the production team.

The TV star is evidently annoyed at being even considered for the camp TV shows, saying in an interview that “I just feel there’s so much trash about I have to go back on tour to prove myself again.” Carr is due to tour for the first time since 2007 later this year, with his ‘Spexy Beast Live’ show kicking off in Brighton in September.

The comic is certainly more at home in the studio, speaking of his annoyance at interviewing “media-trained” US guests on his C4 Chatty Man show. Carr, who also runs a show on BBC Radio 2, revealed his ambitions to interview Posh and Becks. Speaking after a meal with the LA stars, he said: “Posh is such a laugh. People think she’s moody but she was really lovely.”

The news of yet more reality shows will come as no surprise to viewers, with TV Execs continuing to scrape the barrel for fresh ideas, the Channel 4 show Celebrity Coach Trip featuring the Chuckle Brothers being a prime example of this. We dread to think what reality shows could be in production, given the fascination of TV bosses obsessed with continually pumping TV schedules with as much campness as possible. ‘Gay Synchronised Diving with Graham Norton’ anyone?