Alec Baldwin To Join Tom Cruise For Rock Of Ages

alecbaldwinAlec Baldwin is the latest name to sign up for the upcoming musical Rock of Ages, which will see him star alongside “rock ‘n’ roll god” Tom Cruise (to confirm; Cruise will be playing a rock god. Perish the thought that we’d suggest that he actually is one…)

The film will be directed by Adam Shankman and is the screen adaptation of the hit musical which features classic 80s rock and glam metal from gems such as White Snake, Journey and Poison.

Shankman wrote on Twitter: “So, based on info I got today, I’m gonna confirm Alec Baldwin as Dennis in Rock Of Ages. Hollah.”

He added: “Can’t wait to start #rockofagesmovie. Julianne Hough, alec Baldwin, Mary j Blige, Tom cruise confirmed. I love my cast. More to come.”

The director said that the 30 Rock actor is “pouring” himself into the role of one-time rock icon Dennis Dupree, by taking taking voice lessons as well as studying 80s rock.

Alec Baldwin and Tom Cruise rocking out like it’s the eighties? Can’t wait…