Alesha Dixon Back With The Beeb

The Judas Iscariot of the BBC aka Alesha Dixon, is set to make a prodigal return to the channel she abandoned last year.

Muddled bible stories aside, this is the news that Dixon will present a BBC dance show for “hip youngstersâ€? competing to become her next Street Dance Stars.

Reprising her role of talent-hunting queen, Dixon will be scouring the streets for dance talent in the new CBBC series. After a number of trials and dance-related challeneges, the lucky winner will be walking away with “a money-cannot-buy-prizeâ€? – presumably this will exclude Alesha’s unswerving loyalty. Feel free to watch some clips from the show here.

Meanwhile, over on ITV, Alesha continues to sound her “blarpâ€? of doom at unsuspecting dogs and stripping grannies. Last year, Dixon left her place on the Strictly Come Dancing panel to join Simon Cowell and the gang on Britain’s Got Talent.

Darcey Bussell has since been announced as her replacement.

After weeks of being downtrodden by the Beeb goliath, The Voice , Saturday’s episode of BGT managed to beat its rival show into rating submission, drawing an average of 9.4mn viewers in compared to the BBC’s 9.3mn. Whether this had anything to do with Alesha is up for debate. What it almost certainly had something to do with was this grinning organist:

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