Alex Jones Has Nightmares About Doing Strictly ‘Naked’

Alex Jones, host of the One show, has revealed that she has been having some pretty steamy dreams after she recently began training for Strictly Come Dancing.

Jones said that she is now so exhausted by the vigorous training routine that her sleep is plagued by nightmares which leave her naked on the dancefloor.

She told the Radio Times: “For days now I’ve been waking up in cold sweats having had nightmares about forgetting my costume and performing naked, live on Strictly.

“Either that, or I’m shattered having spent the entire night cha cha cha-ing in my sleep.

“Yes, life post the launch show has been filled with classic anxiety dreams.”

Jones is not the only one feeling the physical effects of the relentless waltzing and whirling about.

Fellow contestant Rory Bremner told the magazine that former footballer Robbie Savage “couldn’t even walk properly, let alone dance” in his first session with dancer partner Ola Jordan.

The impressionist added that Nancy Dell’Olio “is getting steamy” with her dance partner Anton du Beke.

God help him, and bring on Friday night!