Alex Reid Dating Show?

Alex Reid has spoken to friends about starting up his own dating TV programme.

The cameras would chart his newly found single life and his hopeless quest for love after his media frenzied split from fellow celebrity shell of a human being, Jordan.

At OTB, we aren’t to fond of the idea of watching that dribbling, hulking piece of flesh stumble around the streets trying to pick up girls, something that is made even more unbearable after an insider at New! Magazine gave their input.

“He is looking for someone who is nothing like Katie. He wants a petite brunette, who will just be quiet and look pretty.

“He needs a submissive girlfriend, not someone feisty like Katie.â€?

The last thing we need on the TV right now is a man looking for a ‘submissive’ girlfriend. Give Doctor Who a bell and go fetch a housewife from the 1950’s. And while you’re at it, stay put.

Let us hope this rumour does not see the light of our screens, but with ITV2’s obsession with all things Reality TV in relation to Katie Price, Alex Reid, and Peter Andre, the proposal may well go ahead.