Alexander Skårsgard To Star In First Horror Movie

Alexander Skårsgard is gearing up for his first horror movie with Hidden (no relation to the Michael Haneke film of the same name). It’s co-written by twin brothers Matt and Ross Duffer who will also be directing the flick for Warner Bros.

The plot concerns a family hiding in an underground bomb shelter after they escape an outbreak of some sort. There’s no further detail on what that outbreak is but come on, it’s quite likely that it’s done something unpleasant to the human populace. Zombies perhaps do you think?

Warners grabbed the script last year from several other interested parties. Curiously the deal, reports Variety, contained language which insisted on “progress to production” – which means that they want to get this off the ground as soon as possible rather than letting it sit for a while.

Skårsgard is still best known for his role as a vampire in the hit HBO series True Blood which is due to start a new series in the summer but he’s got a burgeoning cinematic career too – appearing in last year’s excellent Melancholia and the remake of Straw Dogs. He’s also got a load of projects coming out including Battleship next week, internet drama Disconnect, mystery thriller The East and divorce flick What Maisie Knew.