Amanda Holden To Face The BGT Boot?

Don't get too comfy love

Amanda Holden has a nasty feeling that she could face the chop from the Britain’s Got Talent panel – but thinks that cackling Alesha will stay safe.

The new mother missed a number of the audition rounds due to a schedule clash which involved her giving birth to her baby girl and almost dying.

She has also found herself shunned by some of the bigger – and camper – personalities on the panel; a fact which reportedly sent her raging to the show’s bosses not more than a week ago.

But apparently, the BGT star has come to terms with the fact that she may be asked to pack her bags and leave the panel for good after six years with the ITV1 show according to reports by The Sun.

Amanda said: “It’s good when there are changes on the panel — what Simon Cowell’s done this year is give it a kick up the arse and it’s worked.

“I might not be here next year but I totally respect that.

“I am already on my bonus years. I only said I’d do five yearsâ€?, adding, “Alesha will be here next yearâ€?.

Meanwhile, BBC turncoat Alesha Dixon – who shot to renewed fame on Strictly Come Dancing after several years of post-Mis-Teeq anonymity – is loving her time with Cowell and the gang and would love to make a return.

She said: “Everything happens for a reason but I am loving my job and if the opportunity comes up again I’d love to do it.â€?

Despite plenty of tabloid tittle tattle which has reported a furious rivalry between the pair, Amand and Alesha have remained adamant that they are bosom buddies.

Amanda said: “It’s a real shame. This industry is tough for women — we need to be comrades. I hate all that pitting people against each other stuff.â€?

While Alesha gushed: “Amanda has been supporting me. I was asking her advice — there is no training on this job. You just turn up. I was going back after each show and asking Amanda’s advice.â€?

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