Amelia Lily Bookies Favourite For X Factor Return

Most fans were baying for The Risk or Johnny Robinson to return to X Factor in the wake of Frankie Cocozza’s sexcaine shenanigans, but it looks like talented youngster Amelia Lily will be the person to plug the gap left by the tuneless hobo this morning.

Producers decided to give the four acts voted off by the judges in the first week a chance to face the public vote and claim the spare place in the contest. 16 year-old Amelia Lily, who was shunned by Kelly Rowland in favour of Sophie Habibazzzzzzzzzzz, is now 7-1 on to be selected and 6-1 fourth favourite to win the whole series.

The fact that she had a fling with Frankie at the start of the competition makes the sense of irony all the stronger after Frankie ditched her for another girl recently.

Army dude Jonjo, guitar strumming James Michael and girl duo 2 Shoes are also in the race to get back in the show, yet Amelia is thought to be the one act who can re-ignite the competition, especially as thousands of fans were left disillusioned when she was dumped out a couple of months back.

If she does go on to win it would also be a big dent in the credibility of Kelly Rowland (put it down) after the judge sent her home in week one.

Details of the vote are to be announced later today, but many insiders expect a phone vote to run during the first half of Saturday’s show.

“This is an opportunity for the public to decide,” said an X Factor spokesperson after revealing that producers had agonised over which acts would get the chance to return for 36 hours. But did they get it right? Let us know what you think..

We called for Amelia’s return at the start of the week in our article.. ‘7 WAYS TO SAVE X FACTOR’