America Can’t Get Enough Of Merlin

American fans of the Merlin may rejoice as they will be able to catch the fourth season of the hugely successful series next year on SyFy.

Season four promises new characters in the form of Agravaine, played by Nathaniel Parker (Stardust), the mysterious Cailleach, played by Gemma Jones (Bridget Jones) and an old-world circus master “The Gleemanâ€?, a sinister soul with a dark secret played by Phil Davis (Sherlock, Alien 3), as well as all the usual favourites. The new series will continue to follow the show’s engaging storylines, with Morgana in exile and Merlin struggling to ensure Arthur fulfils his destiny.

Producers today shed some light on the upcoming narrative, saying: “Colin Morgan will return as Merlin alongside Bradley James as Prince Arthur and Angel Coulby as Gwen while Katie McGrath is set to reveal the true depths of Morgana’s character. Broken after Morgana’s betrayal, Anthony Head also reprises his role as King Uther and Richard Wilson continues to support and advise Merlin as Gaius.â€?

For a change, UK viewers will be getting the action some months before American viewers, with Merlin set to return to the BBC this autumn, or “this fallâ€? as the yanks would say.