Americans Cannae Unduhstand Cheryl

Cheryl Cole has been told to soften her Geordie accent to appear on the US X Factor or risk causing the show to be fined, according to the Daily Mirror.

Bosses on the show are worried that she might be too difficult for the American audience to understand and this could break US TV regulations. In other words, if the viewers can’t make out what she’s saying, then it’s her who is committing a broadcasting offence.

The producers have even drawn up a list of words causing particular concern, including ‘babe’ to describe a pretty girl, ‘pants’ not ‘trousers’ and ‘butt’ not bum’. Apparently she has also been told not to say ‘pet’, because “pet…literally means ‘animal’ in the States.â€?

Doesn’t animal literally mean animal in the US? Now we’re confused.