Amy Adams Offered Role In Trouble With The Curve

Director Robert Lorenz won’t have as hard a time with his first film as most rookies. He has been Clint Eastwood’s longtime business partner in their Malpaso Productions company and the Hollywood icon will star in his upcoming debut Trouble With The Curve.

Despite the ease with which he booked Eastwood, getting the leading lady has proven difficult. Sandra Bullock was originally in talks for the role, but she had to pass due to scheduling conflicts. The latest actress in talks for the film is The Fighter star Amy Adams.

If she signs on, Adams will play Eastwood’s estranged daughter, who joins her aging dad on a trip to Atlanta to scout a young baseball star.

As one of Hollywood’s leading actresses, it’s possible that Adams will also have to pass due to scheduling difficulties as well. She is currently working on the upcoming Man Of Steel but will probably be rumoured for many more projects in the near future.