Amy Adams To Sing Rock Of Ages

adams300Adam Shankman is busy pulling talent for his adaptation of 80s Rock musical Rock Of Ages and the latest member of the hugely eclectic cast, which already includes Tom Cruise, Russell Brand, Mary J Blige, Alec Baldwin and Julianne Hoff, is none other than our favourite redhead Amy Adams who’s being slotted into the role of Constance Sack, a romantic partner for Cruise’s Stacee Jaxx.

Shankman originally had Anne Hathaway in mind for the role but was forced to rethink after she upped and left to hop on board The Dark Knight Rises (like you would). Adams’s character is an initially cold writer aiming to take rocker Stacee Jaxx down a peg or two but eventually falls for his charms. Adams has already proved her singing ability with the fabulous Enchanted and will be warbling again for the forthcoming Muppets movie.

But that’s not all. The ever-reliable Paul Giamatti (last seen catapulting Brian Cox’s corpse at a castle battlement in Ironclad) is also in talks to play a smarmy music executive.

Filming supposedly starts in May, so Shankman hasn’t got long to round up his cast and whip them into musical shape.