Amy Childs Getting Her Own Show?

Amy Childs, star of The Only Way Is Essex, is reportedly getting her own show on ITV2.

The fly-on-the-wall show, called What Amy Did Next will follow the inventor of ‘vajazzling’ and enemy of the English language as she does whatever it is that reality stars do with their time.

The show will apparently fill the gap left on the channel by Katie Price’s What Katie Did Next (sound familiar?), which has left ITV for Sky Living.

A source told the Daily Star: “ITV think Amy can be a big breakaway star. She’s sexy but dim and has that likeability factor that will make TV viewers want to watch her… Now Katie Price has deserted ITV they’ve been looking for a new face to take her place.â€?

“And because of her success on The Only Way Is Essex, it’s the next natural step for Amy.â€?

Just one thought, why don’t they call the show ‘Sexy But Dim’ instead? Surely that’s a more informative title?