Anal Destination? No Wait…

FD210Yeah that’s what we thought when we Final Destination 5’s official title “5nal Destination”. Could this be a prophetic warning against the next instalment of the slasher franchise?

Well, it won’t end there whatever we think as veteran actor Tony Todd (that’s Candyman to most of you folks) has revealed that there’s almost certainly going to be Final Destinations 6 and 7 on the way.

Speaking to Dread Central, Todd said “”The producer told me that if [FD5] opens at number one… they’re going to shoot the next two simultaneously.”

Given that the franchise seems to perform rather well in cinemas despite the eyebrow raising of many a critic, 6 and 7 seem quite likely. But what on-screen death depictions are left given that most of the inventive ways have already been covered – everything from freeway pileups to plane crashes. Perhaps they’ll be forced to watch the entire back catalogue till their brains dribble out of their ears.