Andre Øvredal On For Hollywood Comedy-Horror

Troll Hunter director, Andre Øvredal, has been tracked down by Hollywood bigwigs and lured into their grasp with new directorial project, Carpe Demon: The Adventures Of A Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom.

The film will be a translation of Julie Kenner’s 2005 novel and is the first in a series about Kate Connor, a woman living a life of suburban domesticity and trying to put her secret past as a slayer of demons firmly behind her.

But, as we know, a pesky demon-slaying past like that will rarely stay dead and buried. Particularly not in a town called San Diablo. When evil demons begin appearing Kate is forced to return to her youthful ways whilst juggling her motherly duties. So kind of like Buffy, but with the school run.

The screenplay is by Dan and Kevin Hagerman (Hotel Transylvania), but we’re not yet hearing any start dates or potential cast.

The rights to the book currently reside with Chris Columbus’ 1492 production company, who are also planning the English-language Troll Hunter remake.

Øvredal has shown pretty conclusively that he can juggle humour and horror successfully, so he seems like a reasonable fit for the material – as long as that big budget doesn’t get to his head.