Andrew Stone Gets The CBB Boot!

"Your career's behind you!"
Andrew Stone of Pineapple Dance Studios, became the first housemate to get the boot from C5’s Celebrity Big Brother.

The 39-year-old did not look particularly shocked when Brian Dowling announced his name but he looked positively petrified as boos from the audience grew louder. When asked how he felt about the mixed reception, Andrew answered: “It’s pantomime. I’ve had the most amazing experience of my life.â€?

Fitting, then, that the flamboyant star was donning a Prince Charming outfit for the eviction show.

Stone angered many CBB viewers and housemates alike during his time in the house by spending a large proportion of his time in the house lamenting his lack of friends and that “nobody understandsâ€? him.

Many Twitter users recieved news of his evictio with relish. @Bren said: “Andrew Stone, endlessly entertained by himself. I suspect that he will remain his sole fanbase.”

Stone had also touted himself as a potential X-Factor judge while in house. Eastenders actress Laila Morse was not impressed: “’He’s so deluded, he thinks he’s such a star when he’s not. He thinks he’s going to be a judge on X Factor. It’s madness!â€?

But Stone took the mixed reception with an impressive amount of grace: “I’m a bit like Marmite TV,â€? he admitted.

“I thought I’d either go early or make it all the way to the end.â€?

Yeah, but probably not the latter option.

Meanwhile…Natasha Giggs’ plan to rekindle her relationship with estranged husband, Rhodri Giggs, appears to have suffered a TOWIE-shaped setback.

The former lover of Ryan Giggs locked lips with the Essex’s very own, Kirk Norcross, in last night’s Celebrity Big Brother episode.

Natasha also revealed that she has seen Kirk’s “manhoodâ€? and seemed to enjoy stroking his bare chest in the midst of a deep and meaningful sofa chat. Eurgh.