Angry BBC Bosses Reschedule Call The Midwife To Avoid Corrie Clash

It was a near miss for fans of melodramatic Sunday night action but thankfully the BBC bosses have backed down from a head-to-head scheduling clash instigated by ITV.

After dropping an extra Corrie instalment into the 8pm Sunday night slot, the Beeb have been forced to shift its hit 1950s drama, Call The Midwife, along by half an hour.

BBC executives are thought to have been raging about ITV’s perceived attempt to “spoilâ€? the success of the Eastend drama.

Meanwhile over at ITV towers, the innocent little angels claimed they merely needed to find a place for the Street after it was squeezed from its Thursday slot by a  Europa League tie between FC Porto and Manchester City.


A BBC insider said: “Call The Midwife has been the standout hit of the year and it’s both surprising and disappointing for viewers that ITV1 were prepared to sacrifice an episode of Coronation Street just to damage its audience.”

He said: “Coronation Street will move out of its regular 8.30 slot on Thursday because the Porto/Man City game is being screened.

“We’ve moved it to Sunday because that’s the next available similar time slot and it’s for one night only.”

Whatever guys, as long as we don’t miss out on cobbled action from both ends of the country.