Apprentice Reject Michael Copp: “But I Had A Tummy Ache…”

Copp a load of THAT

Apprentice reject, Michael “better than uniqueâ€? Copp, is blaming a tummy ache for his epic fail on last night’s chutney task.

“I had gastric flu, and it really affected meâ€?, said the 32-year-old. “When you’re in a stressful situation like that, it just made it twice as hard.â€?

The Essex-lad was rejected from the boardroom after Lord Sugar accused him of a lack of enthusiasm and for contributing “vitually nothingâ€? to the task effort. Copp has suggested, instead, that project manager Katie should have taken the rap for the failure of the task which saw congealed bottles of misspelt “Belissimoâ€? sauce being flogged to uninterested punters.

Despite Sterling Foods clocking up an impressive £1000+ of sales from their pineapple chilli mash up, it was a relatively disastrous night for both teams.

After misspelt labels and “too much chilli by a factor of threeâ€? leaving Nick Hewar’s eyebrows standing fully to attention, all contestants were lucky to escape with their Apprentice lives intact.

Check out our full interview with the reject here.

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