“Lord Sugar Wrecked My Life” Apprentice Winner Sues Alan

Two years ago, Apprentice winner Stella English bagged herself TV’s most coveted job as sidekick to Lord Sugar.

But a £100,000-per-year post was not enough for our Stella, who is now suing Lord Sugar for the experience which she claims nearly “wrecked her lifeâ€?.

The 32-year-old quit her placement just two months before completion of her training contract, telling boss Sugar: “I don’t give a s**t.” She has now embarked on bringing legal proceedings against Lord Sugar for constructive dismissal – a challenge being contested.

Stella claims that the role she was offered as head of an IT project was “way beneath [her] abilitiesâ€?. She added that she was “totally over-qualifiedâ€?.

She told the Daily Mail: “Even if I’d wanted to I couldn’t go back to banking because I’d been out of the market too long and lost my qualifications. And I’d effectively taken several steps back down the ladder. Ten years’ worth really. It was very frustrating.”

But The Apprentice star does not hold anything against the business mogul personally. In fact, it turns out she wanted to see more of his beardy face!

She said: “In a funny way this isn’t about Lord Sugar. Odd as it sounds, I do quite like him as an individual – he can be quite funny and quite charming, and in a way I wish I’d spent more time with him – that he’d taken me under his wing more.

“If he had, I don’t think I would be in this situation. What I experienced had very little to do with him – and that was the problem.”