Apprentice’s Nick Hewer To Host Countdown

Somebody at Channel 4 deserves a promotion. In possibly one of the finest appointments ever, The Apprentice’s Nick Hewar is set to take over as the furrow-browed host of Countdown.

Hewer will replace Jeff Stelling on the Channel 4 quiz show in December, with his first on-air appearance set for 9 January.

Hewer said: “I’m flattered to have been asked to present such an iconic programme and will work hard to justify sitting in the same seat as such great talents as Jeff Stelling, Des O’Connor and of course the great Richard Whiteley.”

“It’s particularly fitting that I should be doing this now as my spelling has started to slip quite badly. I used to be able spell chrysanthemum.”

With Hewar at the helm, could the 30-year-old show attract a new generation of viewers who are familiar with his acerbic remarks on the boardroom-based competition?

But will the straight-faced silver fox he be able to provide the gentle humour that has become synonymous with the Countdown’s teatime viewing slot?

The show’s bosses seem to think so.

Countdown executive producer Peter Gwyn said: “I’m absolutely delighted that Nick has agreed to take the Countdown chair, and I can’t wait to see him bring his unique style and humour to this iconic format. With Nick at the helm and our 30th birthday next year, we’ve got some very exciting times ahead for Countdown viewers.”

Exciting is an understatement. Now all we need is Margaret back as the new Carol Vorderman…