Are popular TV shows driving the popularity of online casinos

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Online casinos are as popular as ever: In fact, online gambling grew at a record rate across Europe in 2020. There are many different things driving this growth, but perhaps one of the most interesting of these is the interaction between popular TV shows and online casinos. Here we will explore this further and ask the question: are popular TV shows driving the popularity of online casinos?

A shared demographic

The most popular age for gambling is amongst the younger generation: recent research has suggested that 40% of gamblers are aged between the ages of 25-34. An analysis of trusted casino sites shows that women tend to prefer playing slots rather than table games, and that 18 percent of British adults have tried their hand at online gambling. These statistics are important, as they are the same demographic so often targeted by TV channels and their advertisers: this is the first indication that these two industries are set to become linked.

Casinos are regularly visible on British TV

Casinos and online casinos are a regular feature on British TV, and that’s not just in the myriad of ads that appear on our screens for various brands every night. From shows such as TOWIE featuring casino nights to Jane McDonald cruising across the Atlantic on a floating boat full of glamorous casinos and elaborate buffets, regular repeats of James Bond movies to channel 4’s new Billionaire Cruise Ship programming, thanks to its regular appearances on our TVs (and therefore in our living rooms every night) gambling has become a part of the British psyche. We see glamorous people whose lifestyles we aspire to gambling, and subconsciously, that means that we aspire to replicate their lifestyles in a way that is achievable too.

TV and online casino crossovers

Online casino operators and their marketing teams recognise that their most popular demographic of 25-34 year olds is the same demographic attracted to reality TV, and new online drama series via networks such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. Linking these two interests is a new and innovative way that online casinos are now choosing to draw in their target customers: they are designing games based on popular TV shows or movies, in order to create games that are familiar to their target customers and in worlds that they would already be keen to immerse themselves. The possibility for these crossovers are near endless: casino fans can opt for quizzes based on their favourite game shows, slots based on their preferred soap opera, and a myriad of other games that are themed around horror films, historical dramas, and so much more.

Slots are particularly easily adopted for this approach of attracting new customers by harnessing the power and the familiarity of TV. Game developers and designers can relatively simply take music and graphics from the TV show they have in mind and incorporate them into the game. Even the colours chosen can be reflective of a particular drama or mood. The most recent example of these is the new game based on The Masked Singer, whose production company Bandicoot has recently signed a deal to transform the popular TV show into a slots based game.