Armadillo Wins ‘Grand Prix’ At Cannes

armadillo300Janus Metz’s Danish documentary Armadillo has won the ‘Grand Prix’ of Cannes Critics’ Week at this year’s festival.

The 90 minute documentary which tracks the missions of soldiers Mads and Daniel in Helmand, Afghanistan is described as “an upfront account of growing cynicism and adrenaline addiction for young soldiers at war”. But the film has already caused controversey in the director’s homeland as the coverage of an incident has embroiled the Danish military in questions about appropriate behavior in combat situations.

In a frightening sequence, the patrol faces a Taliban ambush and the hellish skirmish ends with a Danish hand grenade killing several insurgents. The soldiers move in and with the danger still grave they take no chances, firing round after round into the fallen enemy. Still high on adrenaline and relief, their debriefing involves boasting and laughter.

In the shorts categories, Ariel Kleiman’s Deeper Than Yesterday won the ‘Kodak Discovery Award’, and the ‘Canal+ Award’ was given to Berik from Daniel Joseph Borgman.