Armageddon? It’s not the end of the world for these guys…

Proving that visions of the apocalypse aren’t limited to the evangelical states of the continental USA… Preppers UK: Surviving Armageddon is a new show from National Geographic UK which debuts tonight.

These men have hidden all their valuables, built themselves bunkers, stockpiled weapons, and successfully chosen a life of involuntary sexual abstinence.

To be fair, isolating yourself as a lifestyle choice isn’t completely ridiculous if you only want to live one generation longer than anybody else. Since they apparently haven’t considered the possibility that they might need inbreeding to re-populate the world if their worst fears come to pass.

Still, at least if the worst does happen, the Frogs will suffer for an hour before we do.

Preppers UK: Surviving Armageddon: Wed 28 November, National Geographic Channel, 9pm.