Armando Iannucci Hints at Leveson Theme For New Series of The Thick of It

Armando Iannucci may have been launching his latest comedy Veep (coming to Sky Atlantic next week and excellent it is too) but he couldn’t resist talking about the fourth series of The Thick of It, which will be returning this autumn.

And when we say ‘he couldn’t resist talking about’, of course we mean ‘we couldn’t resist asking him’..

He confirmed that Roger Allam will now be the minister in power, but in a twist that reflects current goings on at Westminster he will have to share his position with a junior minister from a third party, who he and his pals have dubbed ‘The Inbetweeners’ and Malcolm Tucker & Co will be plotting their downfall.

“There’s a new government, it’s in coalition, our previous cast are in opposition and we go backwards and forwards between the two,” he explained.

Iannucci may still have refused to confirm which party is which, but he wasn’t shy about slamming the Lib Dems, whom he voted for at the last election. “Have I fallen out of love with them?” he said. “I fell out with them a couple of years ago. Make no mistake, the new series of The Thick of It will make my feelings on the Lib Dems pretty clear.”

Watch out Nick Clegg..

He also went on to explain that the Leveson Enquiry – or some reflection of it – will be featuring heavily in the new series, which is “all in the can”.

“A major inquiry will feature quite heavily,” he said as a smile played across his lips. “It is interesting watching them all swear on oath and then saying what they say.â€?

He also explained how the cast were left speechless by ABC’s watered down remake of The Thick Of It, which starred Oliver Platt as the Malcolm Tucker character.

“ABC is owned by Disney so it was a Disney version of the show, which as you can imagine, didn’t really work. For a start there was no swearing. I showed it to the British cast, they just stood there silently and then began to quietly walk away one by one. It was just boring.”

On a sidenote, Iannucci also branded Alastair Campbell – with whom he recently had a Twitter spat following his OBE – “a c*nt”. Tongue in cheek of course.