Armando Iannucci’s American Thick Of It Gets HBO Series

The creator of The Thick Of It, Armando Iannucci, has had a series commissioned by HBO entitled ‘Veep’.

Set in Washington DC, dubbed by Ianucci a ‘cousin of The Thick Of It’, the show follows US Vice President Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), who becomes disillusioned after moving up from the role of Senator.

It also stars Tony Hale from Arrested Development and Anna Chlumsky, who also appeared in Ianucci’s transatlantic political thriller In The Loop. Iannucci himself will direct and serve as executive producer and writer.  

Ianucci is going to have a very busy year, as he’s already writing the fourth series of The Thick Of It. This time around, Conservative Peter Mannion (Roger Allum) will be in government – but, coalition government – with a third party MP he absoloutely hates. With series’ like Alan Partridge on his CV, has the guy actually ever done anything that wasn’t brilliant?