Armando Iannucci Admits To The Thick Of It Leak

Whilst not quite as bad the accidental tweet Congressman Anthony Weiner famously sent out in 2011; Armando Iannucci has admitted to a massive Twitter gaffe.

The satirist, who has recently been savaging American politicians in his new show Veep, made his confession after the episode in question was shown on Saturday. He confessed that he had accidentally leaked a link to a full episode of The Thick of It onto the microblogging site.

Across a number of tweets, Ianucci explained the error to fans: “3 weeks ago, while in LA, I did a weak and foolish thing. I accidentally tweeted a link to what I thought was a #thickofit trail but which was actually a link to a cut of the whole 60 minute #thickofit Inquiry ep.”

Iannucci then joked: “Needless to say, if I were a Junior Minister, I would by now have stayed in my post for another week then resigned.”