Arnie To Star In The Tomb With Sly?

BFFs: Arnie and Sly
Now that Arnie’s stint as Governor of California is (well and truly) over, the muscley action star looks set to rekindle his fading film career.

This morning Ain’t It Cool News reported that old action bud, Sly Stallone, may be his next co-star in The Tomb.
Back in October we found that the lead role of Ray Breslin would be inhabited by Sly but Arnie may be about to take a big, fat, juicy slice slice of the action pie.

Breslin is the designer behind a maximum-security prison that is said to be thoroughly escape-proof. But as the result of a disastrous turn of fate, he’s framed for a crime and locked away in that very same jail. NIGHTMARE. He must then essentially defeat himself to get out and find the person responsible for the heinous crime.

We’re not sure who Arnie would be playing yet but it will almost definitely be someone massive and angry with an appealing streak.

Mikael Håfström, who made last year’s exorcism thriller The Rite, is the latest director to be associated with the project but heaven knows when it will come to screens.

Never fear, Sly and Arnie will be seen on screen together on The Expendables 2 which hits later this year.