Arrested Development Set For New Series and Movie

Arrested Development is set to come back to our screens and get a cinema outing at the end of the new season.

During a panel discussion for the New Yorker Festival featuring the entire cast and creator Mitch Hurwitz, it was announced there would be another season.

As if that wasn’t enough – there will also be a movie at the end of the ten episode run.

Jason Bateman tweeted to confirm to the world that there would indeed be a reprise of the much loved American show, saying: “It’s true. We will do ten episodes and the movie. Probably shoot them all together next summer for a release in early 2013. VERY excited!”

Co-star Will Arnett, also add his two pennies worth, while spending one: “I’m peeing with @batemanjason at the moment..and we can confirm that we are going to make new AD eps and a movie.â€?

The show was inexplicably cancelled after just three seasons and a film has been rumoured for years.

With such concrete assurances from cast and crew surely there is no backing out this time!