Attack The Block’s Joe Cornish To Direct Die Hard 5?

20th Century Fox have revealed a list of potential directors for Die Hard 5 after Noam Murro jumped ship to head up 300: Battle Of Artemisia, reports Deadline. Of the four listed – Justin Lin (Fast Five), Nicolas Winding Refn (Valhalla Rising), Joe Cornish (Attack The Block) and John Moore (Max Payne) – the surprise favourite is London’s own, Joe Cornish.

With Lin rumoured to be working on yet another Fast and Furious film, Refn soon shooting Only God Forgives and Moore having not even met with 20th Century Fox to discuss the project, a Cornish helmed Die Hard 5 is looking ever more likely.

The fifth film in the action franchise may begin shooting as early as autumn and will of course still be starring Bruce Willis as reluctant hero John McClane, who will this time be foiling high-level crime in Russia.

Back in 2007 Live Free Or Die Hard grossed $384 million worldwide proving audiences still appreciate seeing a blood-stained Bruce wearing a white vest and spouting corny yet compelling one-liners as he ensures some super criminals have a very bad day. If Cornish were to land the role it would shoot the relatively unknown director into US superstardom.