Audley Dubbed ‘Shrek’ By Strictly Partner

Boxing ‘champion’, Audley Harrison, has been hit with a low-blow by Strictly Come Dancing partner, Natalie Low. The ballroom champion has been nicknamed Harrison, “Shrekâ€?.

It seems his 6ft 51/2 inches and size 17 feet are giving her cause to doubt whether they can make it to the top in the 2011 competition.

Audley may have been justified in knocking her out. But, instead, he joked about her comments, telling The Mirror, “OMG!â€?.

He added: “Natalie called me Shrek – she says I’m her Shrek.

“Can you imagine me as Shrek? Me, pretty Audley, with my beautiful nose and smile?

“But she meant it because I’m so clumsy, not because of the way I look, because I’m kind of heavy-footed and very clumsy.

“So I understand the phrase but I think she could have used something a bit better. But I’ve forgiven her now. Natalie, we’re quits now – no
more of that Shrek talk.�

However, Lowe did try to do a quick reverse cha cha cha by insisting that Harrison is developing some natural grace and she is seeing a
big improvement on the dance floor.

She added: “I think he’s got amazing natural ability so hopefully we get the opportunity to stay in as long as possible so I can create some beautiful moments with Audley because he is definitely capable of it.â€?

At least we know who the dragon is.

Tune in to Strictly Come Dancing on BBC1 tonight to see the celebs take to the floor for the first time.