Avast! Ridley Scott For Pirates Miniseries


Hollywood usually skips a few paces behind what’s cool, like a small kid trying to keep pace with his striding older sibling. This invariably leads to last minute bandwagon jumping as execs look for the next way to make a fast doubloon. With Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stronger Tylenol pillaging its way across the international box office, it’s not entirely surprising to learn that Tony and Ridley Scott are working on Pyrates with Fox via their production company.

Scott Free will be producing the miniseries which will arrive in the States next summer. The man behind it is Barry Schindel who’s worked on Law & Order and Numb3rs. According to Deadline Hollywood, Pyrates will be based on historical events and will follow the men and women who pulled off the largest heist in pirate history – the capture of the Spanish silver fleet in 1628 – credited with sparking the golden age of piracy.

First up to direct is Stephen Hopkins, who’s no stranger to taut direction as he directed several episodes of 24 (and um…Predator 2).

Ridley and Tony won’t be the only landlubbers splicing the mainbrace on the small screen. FX has teamed up with Graham King (The Departed) and Gale Anne Hurd (The Walking Dead) to work on Port Royal, a period drama set in 17th century Jamaica, “the namesake port’s notorious rise as the “richest and wickedest cityâ€? in the new world, a self-governing safe haven for cutthroat pirates, corrupt politicians and ruthless merchants.”