“Award-winning” Made in Chelsea


To the delight of about twenty recession proof households in SW10, Made in Chelsea can now be prefixed with “award-winning.” Although that award is “Best Reality and Constructed Reality TV show.”

Much like winning a “Beauty Contest” in Monopoly, there was a lot more luck than skill involved. Nonetheless, like a student with a stolen traffic cone it will still be brandished as though it actually means something.

Francis Boulle, well known ginger and bench enthusiast later asked: ‘Who would have thought you’d win a Bafta for just being posh?’ A question which successfully echoed the whispers of the entire attending audience.

Past winners have included I’m a Celebrity and The Only Way Is Essex, and stars from those shows have since gone on to established careers as…

There were some suggestions that the cast were a little bewildered by the whole thing, but regular viewers of E4 have assured OnTheBox that this is in fact a quite normal look for Spencer, Binky et al.