Ay Pet! Cheryl Cole Signs For American X Factor

In probably the worst kept-hidden secret in British TV this year, with most of the press shouting the words WILL SHE and WON’T SHE to lift newspaper sales regardless of what they know themselves, Cheryl Cole has announced that she is to take part in the US Version of the X Factor.

That means that there are now two gaps left on the line-up of the British version of the show – Simon Cowell announced two weeks ago that he was unable to commit to both the UK and the US show later this year and yesterday bosses from the show said that she was not going to continue doing the UK version either. With those seats needing to be filled pronto with “fine-acting music talent”, someone go and get David Hasselhoff and Kelly Brook right away.

Although there has been a lot of talk about this already don’t sweep away accusations that nobody would be able to understand her accent. Remember this comes from a nation that subtitled the most recent UK series of Skins for their own audience because the show contains incredibly broad middle-classed Bristol accents.

Cole said in an interview with The Sun yesterday that “Americans are always really sweet about my accent and seem to find it intriguing, which I think is quite funny.” However the fake twitter account Cheryl Kerl had another take on the situation. Yesterday she tweeted: “Hoo noo broon coo. The reein in Speein steys mainlee in the pleein pet” Practisin mei best English faw America.”