Backstreet Boys Documentary Coming in 2013


Stephen Kijak, director of the Rolling Stones documentary ‘Stones In Exile’, has signed on to direct what could be the most important boy band biopic of 2013. It will trace their tumultuous journey from child stars to fully-grown boy band and is due for release in late 2013.

Backstreet Boys have sold in excess of 130 million albums, making them one of the top 30 selling global artists of all time. The band continue to have a huge following in territories worldwide including Japan, Latin America, Germany, UK, the U.S, Canada, China, India, Spain and Mexico.

The film promises to challenge the expectations that anyone had about the band. Finally reunited with all five original members, they believe that this is an opportunity to tell their truly unique and at times heart-breaking story for the first time, warts and all. The aim is to create something that breaks out beyond their loyal fan base and tells a story of fame, fortune, talent exploitation, familial disputes; building up to their regeneration and new album.

For the first time in their entire career, the band members have full creative control and are back in the studio making a new album and are now ready to share their story to coincide with their 20 year anniversary.

Director Kijak added: “They’re grown men in a boy-band. They are wrestling with the big questions in their lives and their careers. And they are just really fascinating guys. I’m a fan of them as people first and foremost. Usually I’m finding my way into a story through the music, but this is a much more human story, which I think ultimately, will make it more universal.”