Bah Humbug! Paxman Bans Newsnight Xmas Tree

Barlow hated using ITV's outside toilet..
Paxman couldn't stand Jacob Marley..
Scrooge-like festive miser Jeremy Paxman has refused to allow a Christmas tree in the Newsnight studio this week and is currently battling to keep production staff in the studio on Christmas Day.

There were plenty of decorations on the BBC Breakfast set yesterday morning, but hosts Bill Turnbull and Sian Williams revealed that Paxman has demanded that festive decorations be removed before he presents Newsnight.

Turnbull, 55, is quoted as saying: “As soon as we’re off air it’s whipped out of the way,” while Williams commented: “Jeremy doesn’t want a tree in the studio. Bah humbug!”

Meanwhile a source told The Sun: “Jeremy doesn’t want his Newsnight set turned into Santa’s grotto. We think it’s hilarious, as do the Breakfast crew. But that’s Jeremy all over.”