Bannatyne Orders Twitter Hit On Blackmailer

In a bemusing series of events, someone posing as Yuri Vasilyev tweeted Duncan Bannatyne yesterday saying: “I’m looking for a £35,000 investment to stop us hurting your Hollie Bannatyne. We will bring hurt and pain into your life. We are watching her. She is very attractive. Want photos?”.

Bad taste joke or actual threat? Regardless, the Scotsman reacted in true Dragon’s Den fashion, saying “I offer £25,000 reward for the capture of the coward who calls himself @YuriVasilyev_ Double if his arms are broken first”.

Following a mixed reaction from followers on the social networking site, the entrepreneur deleted the tweets, but said ‘I’d gladly do my time’ when asked if he was inciting a violent act on the anonymous tweeter. He later offered a finical reward for information on the user, supposedly based in Moscow.

Over-reaction or the act of a protective father? Let us know on OTB’s Twitter page- we promise not to break your arms no matter your opinion.