Barlow ‘S******g Himself’ Over Falling X Factor Ratings

Barlow hated using ITV's outside toilet..
Barlow hated using ITV's outside toilet..
Gary Barlow has confessed that he is worrying about X Factor’s plummeting rating figures. The judge told Grazia Magazine “There’s no question that every week when I’m waiting for the text with the ratings I’m sh***ing myself. I want it to be great.â€?

Gary replaced Simon Cowell on the judge’s panel earlier this year, but since the big cheese left the show isn’t as popular. It still brings in over 10 million viewers every Saturday but this past week’s episode was down 3 million compared to last year’s equivalent and the one time king of reality TV has recently fallen behind Strictly Come Dancing in the polls.

The Take That frontman is also having problems with the public scrutiny that comes from being on the show and he went on to say that “the people who write about it are so vicious; you are actually sat in a big goldfish bowl. I’m judging and people are judging me judging – it’s bizarre.â€?

While Barlow may be feeling the pressure, it’s probably nothing compared to his fellow judge Kelly Rowland, who has had a strained first season with X Factor. She has been hinting about leaving after this series, but doesn’t blame press criticism.

She told The Daily Mirror, “X Factor next year? We’ll see… I definitely would love to go on tour though, so that will be my focus.â€?

Though it isn’t exactly a resignation, she seems less than enthusiastic about returning to the show and many fans will probably welcome her departure. It’s been rumoured that she may replace Nicole Scherzinger on the USA incarnation, which would be a tough gig to turn down.