Barrowman Slams Viewers Who Complained About Gay Torchwood Scene

Torchwood star and general hunk, John Barrowman, has hit out against viewer complaints about the amount of “gay contentâ€? in the latest episode.

Vexed viewers spoke out after Captain Jack (Barrowman) slept with a barman in Torchwood: Miracle Day.

The full sex scene had already been edited by the BBC following concerns over its appropriacy for a primetime slot. But US TV network, Starz, aired the full episode.

Barrowman said: “When you watch Torchwood there is a warning at the very beginning that some scenes may offend or disturb people, so if you allow your children to sit and watch it with you that’s your responsibility, it’s not ours anymore.

“We kissed, we held each other, we lay on top of each other in bed . . . and there were lots of complaints about that.”

“Nobody complained that I was shot in the head four times, there were burning people in ovens, that I was stabbed by a mob of 50 people hundreds of times and I was hanging dripping my blood in a pit.â€?

Come on guys, it’s 2011.