“Barry! Is This Your Penis?!” Beaver Falls Trailer

We all know that the British summer time isn’t to be trusted at the best of times, but it’s really surpassed itself this time. We got a couple of days of sunshine a couple of weeks back and now we’re heading back towards winter again. It’s like Westeros! Anyway you can escape the incessant rain with Beaver Falls, which returns to E4 for a second series tonight as the lads return to summer camp. Barry, ever optimistic, fully expecting to pick up where he left off with Kimberley (‘never going to happen mate’), A-rab harbouring hopes that he and Rachael can start again, clean slate (‘never going to happen mate’) and Flynn ready to hurl himself back into his camp lothario role (‘never going to … ok… that might happen). But things have changed at Beaver Falls: there are new owners, new counsellors, new kids and new relationships for the Brits to deal with.

Beaver Falls Series Two starts at 10pm on Monday 6th August on E4

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