Baywatch Movie In Development

baywatch300To be honest, the title of this news story alone should have you holding your head in your hands in disbelief, but apparently they can indeed make a film out of a bunch of morons running around on a beach. Why? Because they are immaculately toned, good-looking morons.

The name attached to the film development of Baywatch is Ivan Reitman, the celebrated director behind the classic Ghostbusters. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter – somewhat of a showbiz bible – Reitman brought up the topic of Baywatch: the Movie (not an official title) and the problems faced by him and his Baywatch development team,

“We still don’t have a script that’s makeable.”

“I think it’s a big opportunity. This is a comedy, and I think we have a very interesting take — a classical idea that will be fresh for the world audience. It’s one of the best-known titles that’s out there.”

One of the best titles that is out there? If you say so. But with the director currently revelling in box office success with his recent No Strings Attached (making $123 million worldwide so far), he could just manage to get his red swimsuit vision on the screen. Needless to say, it will blatantly be in bouncing 3D.