BBC Commission New Comedy From Mitchell and Webb

Robert Webb and David Mitchell (of Peep Show and to a lesser extent That Mitchell and Webb Look fame) will be teaming up in a new comedy on BBC next year after the Beeb announced a raft of new commissions.

Our Men will tell the no-doubt hilarious story of the British ambassador to Tazbekistan (a fictional ex-Soviet “Stanâ€?), and Robert Webb as Neil Tilly, his man behind the scenes.

While the ambitious Keith is out representing Britain and meeting the region’s local movers and shakers, his deputy Neil is back at the Embassy running things. However it soon becomes clear that the pair are stuck in something of a diplomatic outpost and rather than quaffing champagne with steel magnates, they usually find themselves drinking moonshine in some local tribe leader’s yurt.

Written by James Wood and Rupert Walters, Our Men is one of several new commissions from BBC2 and the announcement comes following news that the Beeb have recruited former C4 comedy boss Shane Allen as their new Head of comedy.

Other commissions include Heading Out, a series penned by Sue Perkins about a vet preparing to tell her parents she’s gay as she approaches her 40th birthday. Elsewhere Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmonson are back for a Bottom revival, Hooligans’ Island, and radio character Count Arthur Strong is getting his own TV show, co-written with Father Ted’s Graham Linehan.