BBC Commissions Celebrity Gameshow ‘Cloned’

The Beeb have commissioned the pilot of a new gameshow in which four contestants must figure out which of a four person line-up is real-life after CGI and special effects boffins mix three doppelgängers with a human being.

The human being in question will be a celebrity and the contestants will presumably be thoroughly checked to see if they have criminal records..

The programme was dreamt up by 24 year-old English teacher George Hutton after he took part in one of the corporation’s training schemes and involves the particpants taking part in a number of tasks to help them figure out the small differences between the clone and the real celebrity.

“Cloned is an exciting new format which pushes the boundaries of production and gameshow mechanics,” said Karl Warner, executive editor for entertainment commissioning at the BBC told reporters.

The gameshow has not been confirmed for a full series but will be assessed by Controller Danny Cohen and if fully commissioned, it could replace Don’t Scare The Hare a gameshow which was recently ditched after proving unpopular with viewers.