BBC Commissions Jonathan Creek Christmas Special

Alan Davies will have to start growing his hair again because the Beeb have ordered a Jonathan Creek Christmas Special, according to The British Comedy Guide (who presumably follow the show because of the character’s haircut).

Little is known about the one-off episode, but bosses will hope that it’s received more favourably than the Easter Special of 2010, which garnered mixed reviews.

The show enjoyed a cult following back in the late nineties, yet more recent episodes have struggled without the production talents of Verity Lambert who passed away in 2007.

“It’s definitely going ahead,” a BBC insider said. “Everyone here is very grateful to David Renwick for bringing back such a loved character for such an important time of year. We’re very excited to see Jonathan back on screen with a new mystery to unravel.”

In the show, Davies plays a magic trick deviser who can’t help but get called in to solve mysteries that are apparently unexplainable. Kind of like a low-profile, hairy, more personable Sherlock Holmes.

During his hey-day, Davies was accompanied by Caroline Quentin, although Sheridan Smith stepped in as his colleague in the specials of 2009 and 2010. Reports suggest that she has been approached to return for this episode too. Filming begins in September.

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