BBC Faked ‘Frozen Planet’ Polar Bear Birth

The BBC has been accused of using faked footage of Polar Bears during their recent nature series Frozen Planet by The Sun, who may or may not have hacked David Attenborough’s mobile phone.

The scene which is causing controversy is one in which a female bear gave birth in her den in the episode ‘Winter’, but Britain’s favourite tabloid has explained that the footage was actually filmed in a German animal park and not in the wild.

Viewers were not told of this at the time and producers are accused of mixing the material in with other shots taken on location in the Arctic.

Last night a spokesperson for the Beeb explained that it never intentionally misled viewers and admitted that putting a camera in a real Polar Bear den would have been immensely dangerous and might have forced the animal to flee.

Producer Kathryn Jeffs told in a BBC blog: “They do it under the snow in these dens of ice, and there’s absolutely no way that we can get our cameras down there. This wasn’t part of the story we could leave out so there really was only one way to approach it.”

“This is hugely disappointing,” said a heartbroken John Whittingdale, chairman of the Commons culture committee.